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      The centre Government is bringing CO-WIN mobile app to deliver Covid vaccine door-to-door!

      The central government is coming up with a new digital platform in the country. The name of the new app is ‘CO-WIN’. The centre’s new digital platform will help deliver Covid vaccine. And in a few days, the government will also bring this CO-WIN mobile app. To get coronavirus vaccine from the centre, Indians have to register in the CO-WIN app.

      Now the question is what exactly will this CO-WIN digital platform do?

      The main task of this new platform of the centre will be to record all the information related to the vaccine of Covid. At the same time, CO-WIN will help to create a database of health workers. It is also learned that any urgent information regarding the delivery of Covid vaccine will be uploaded on this CO-WIN platform as soon as possible.

      This is exactly how the Co-win app’s Beneficiary Management will work.

      Once the CO-WIN app is created, all modules will be separated. From Administrator to Registration, Vaccination, Beneficiary Acknowledgment – there will be different modules in the app. Once the people of the country register in this app, all the information starting from co-morbidity will be uploaded on this CO-WIN platform according to the information of the local authorities.

      However, the CO-WIN app is not currently available for smartphone users in India. However, it is believed that it will soon be available to Indians. This CO-WIN platform will actually cover the entire process of Covid vaccination. Everything from registration to verification will be in it. And that’s why experts say the Centre’s CO-WIN mobile app will help speed up the vaccination process in the country.

      According to a report by PTI

      ‘This vaccination module app will inform the people of the country about the current status of vaccination. In addition, an SMS will be sent to the person who will be vaccinated against Covid through the app. At the same time, once the vaccination process of a person is completed, this CO-WIN mobile app will also deliver QR-based certificate to him. The feature does not end here. This useful app will also deliver all the details related to real time temperature of vaccine storage to the main server.

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