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      Jio is working with Realme to further reduce the price of smartphones in India!

      Reliance Jio is desperate to bring cheap Android smartphones to India. A few days ago, it was learned that Jio is going to tie the knot with Vivo to launch low-cost smartphones in India and with it multiple attractive offers to the customers. And this time it became known, not only in vivo. Mukesh Ambani’s telecom company has started working with Realme to hand over Android smartphones to Indians for less money. A senior employee of the company reported this news.

      Sunil Dutt, president of Reliance Jio’s device and mobility department, says consumers in India need to hand over Android smartphones at the price of 2G handsets, so that all Indians have a chance to convert themselves to 4G and 5G. Speaking at

      India Mobile Congress 2020, Sunil Dutt said, “As an organization, Reliance Jio has handed over JioPhone to the people of the country very cheaply in the last few years. And this time we are working with Realme and several other companies to launch cheap 4G smartphones for Indians. He also said that Jio will launch not only the mobile segment but also other devices.

      On the other hand, Realme CEO Madhav Seth says that 5G will open new horizons in the future in terms of innovation, which will not be limited to smartphones only. He further added that the chipset will also play a leading role in delivering 5G smartphones to a large number of people in the coming days.

      In the words of Madhav Seth, ‘Not just India. MediaTek will play a vital role in revolutionizing the 5G worldwide. We are a multi-day hardware provider. I think our job is to launch 5G smartphones within the reach of people and to make sure that those phones have all the latest features’.

      Anku Jain, managing director of chipset maker MediaTek, says his company has gained a large number of customers around the world in terms of digital technology.

      In the words of Anuku Jain, ‘At the moment our focus is on the latest trends such as artificial intelligence, robotics, drones and vehicle automation. And all these technologies will play an important role in human life with 5G in smart lifestyle. We think that in 2021, 5G will come to the people at a very fast rate.

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