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      When is PUBG Mobile India launching? The director himself does not know the answer!

      PUBG Mobile India made a big announcement before Diwali. They are returning to India in a new incarnation soon. But as soon as Diwali is over, all is quiet! The future of the Battle Royale game in India is still in doubt. In the meantime, FAU-G has taken the registration storm by bringing the pre-registration link in Google Play Store again. But PUBG Mobile India has not yet received permission for a small meeting with the centre.

      InsideSport has recently released a report on the future of PUBG Mobile India. That report reflects the views of a former director of PUBG Mobile India. The former director told InsideSport that he had spoken to the current directors of the company’s Bangalore office. And they are in a kind of business with the relaunching of PUBG Mobile India. The current directors of PUBG Mobile India do not know when the launch will take place, before the meeting with the government or when it is possible.

      Quoting the former director, the InsideSport report said, “No one can say when this mobile version of the game will comeback in India. Even the promoters from the new director of PUBG Mobile India say they don’t know anything. In fact, when the government bans from some country, it is not possible to return the property without their order.

      A few days ago, the new Indian team of PUBG Mobile India sought permission from the Centre to sit in the meeting. But the Centre did not allow him to sit in the meeting. On behalf of the government, it was made clear at that time, ‘No company that has been banned in the country can run an operation by launching a new company. This applies to TikTok as well as other banned apps. All of them need the permission of the Ministry of Information Technology to return to India first.

      From the information we have received so far about the PUBG Mobile India game, it is clear that this new version has been created with Indians in mind. And in India for now, it is going to be available for Android devices only. There are also several reports that there is no chance of relaunching this PUBG Mobile India this year. The game could launch in early 2021.

      But before that, PUBG’s alternative FAU-G will be launched in India. And the way Akshay Kumar has responded to the pre-registration of that game, experts say, all PUBG users will now crowd into the FAU-G game. Besides, they further said that even after launching PUBG Mobile India in India, it will not be able to get much response.

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