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      Can’t download Pornhub’s video! Why strict? Learn

      Pornhub is getting tougher on content. Mindgeek’s adult website (Pornhub) has introduced a number of new rules for uploading and downloading videos. The agency claims that the rise in crime around the world has forced them to take the initiative.

      What exactly is changing in terms of content in Pornhub? The company has announced that from now on only verified users will be able to upload videos to this adult website (Pornhub). Besides, all downloads except paid content of verified users will be banned. Previously, anyone could upload adult videos to Pornhub. But from now on, Pornhub will not allow it.

      The urge to watch porn grew among the housebound people in the lockdown. And with that, Pornhub’s ratings skyrocketed. Since then, allegations have been levelled against Pornhub. A report was recently published in the New York Times. It is clear that several videos of child sexual abuse have been uploaded on this adult website (Pornhub), from which many people have experienced emotional distress. And then there are the strict rules for uploading and downloading videos on behalf of Pornhub.

      About 3.5 billion people visit the Pornhub website every month. At least 1.38 million videos are uploaded to this adult website every year. And among so many videos, it was becoming difficult for Pornhub to find out which video was criminal. And that’s why Mindgeek’s porn website (Pornhub) has tightened its grip on video.

      The New York Times reports that the massive viewership of child sexual abuse videos on Pornhub has not been noticed in any other porn website in the recent past. Not just child sexual abuse videos. It is accompanied by rape and revenge or revenge porn videos. And with all these videos, the adult website Pornhub has blossomed in terms of viewership on the lockdown.

      But the most painful thing is that in all the disgusting videos that or those who were there, many people have swallowed depression in their lives! Some have even committed suicide, according to a New York Times report. However, it is not yet clear whether the change in the uploading and downloading of Pornhub videos will last for a few days or forever. If Pornhub has made such a change forever, then in the end Mars is for the whole world.

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