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    it2192T Thermo Edition, this small feature phone will measure your body temperature! The price is only 1,049 rupees

    itel with new feature phones. The name of that phone of the company is it2192T Thermo Edition. And with this little feature phone, the phone maker itel has made a big splash in India. Because, this is the first feature phone of entry level in India, which can also measure the temperature of human body. This it2192T Thermo Edition is priced at just Rs 1,049 in India.

    Doctors around the world are advising to check the body temperature repeatedly during the day to protect the Covid. And with that in mind, itel surprised by launching such an amazing phone during this COVID-19 transition. The feature phone of this new Thermo Edition of the company is actually included in the itel-Fit Health series. Each phone in the itel-Fit health series has been launched to reach a large number of people at a very low price and to take care of the health of the users.

    Buying a medical device from the market right now is quite expensive.

    Buying a medical device from the market right now is quite expensive They also do not have multiple features. And with all that in mind, ‘seeing chariots and selling bananas’ Itel is launching multiple feature phones in the market with the policy of. The company’s new phone, the it2192 Thermo Edition, doesn’t just measure body temperature. Customers will also be able to monitor heart rate with the help of this phone.

    The itel it2192T feature phone has an in-built temperature sensor, which is mounted just behind the camera. Now the question is how will those who use it2192T phone measure body temperature? This phone user needs to place the wrist of any of his hands just below the in-built temperature sensor on the back of the camera. And then that sensor will give a temperature reading. Temperature readings can be seen on both Fahrenheit and Celsius scales.

    Also, this great feature phone has King voice feature, which is actually a wonderful feature to convert from text to words. It allows users to listen to any incoming call, message, menu or even phonebook as voice. This King Voice feature will also work for temperature readings.

    In terms of other specifications

    The it2192T Thermo Edition has a 1.8-inch display, 1000mAh battery. The phone will support a total of eight regional languages. It includes English, Bengali, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Gujarati. There is a single camera on the back of the phone. Also, it2192T phone has wireless FM, auto call recorder, preloaded games etc. There are basically three colour options for the itel 2192T phone – Light Blue, Midnight Black and Deep Blue.

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