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      India ranks 9th in the world for spam calls, Gujarat first in the country!

      Spam calling is on the rise in India. Truecaller recently published a list of the top 20 countries in the world that suffer the most from spam calls (Top 20 Countries Affected by Spam Calls in 2020). And the worry is that India (Spam Calls India) is in the top ten of that list. The report further states that spam calls in India mostly come from domestic numbers.

      “The countries with the most spam calls have seen a significant change in their rankings,” the report said. As always, Brazil is in the first place. India is currently ranked ninth in the world in terms of spam calling (Spam Calls India). However, compared to the previous time, India’s place has come down a lot this time. The reason for this, according to Truecaller, is that the amount of spam calls received in India has also decreased by about 34%.

      Truecaller In India, 98.5 per cent of spam calls come from domestic numbers. That, too, could be a major factor in reducing spam calls in the country, says Truecaller. Also, in the first few months of the year, the rate of spam calls from telemarketers has decreased due to severe lockdowns in the country. That’s why other spammers haven’t been able to attack India (Spam Calls India) this year, according to Truecaller.

      The report also mentions that the top spammers in India are the first to receive various offers and reminders. And that rate is 52% in this country. This is followed by spam calls from telemarketers at 34%. Also, in the name of providing scams and financial services the people of the country receive spam calls at the rates of 9% and 5% respectively.

      In terms of states in India, Gujarat topped the list of spam calls in 2020. Also take a look at the position of other states –

      Maharashtra – 13.2%
      Andhra Pradesh – 9.5%
      Uttar Pradesh – 9.5%
      Delhi – 7.5%
      Karnataka – 7.1%
      Madhya Pradesh – 6.3%
      Rajasthan – 5.9%
      Tamil Nadu – 5.2%
      Bihar – 4.4%
      Kerala – 4.4%
      Punjab – 3.6%
      Haryana – 2.5%
      Kolkata – 2%
      Odisha – 1.9%
      West Bengal- 1.7% 
      Assam – 0.8%
      Himachal Pradesh – 0.6%
      Jammu and Kashmir – 0.4%

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