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      Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited will no longer be in the market after 2 years! Concerned workers in a letter to Namo

      BSNL desperately trying to turn around for the past few years. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has also made some changes in broadband and prepaid plans. But the government is pushing the telco’s 4G sector hard. Because, in the last five years, other competing telecom companies have been becoming one of the best choice connections of customers on one 4G plan after another. And the Prime Minister is concerned about this.

      What is In the letter?

      All the Unions and Associations of (AUAB), the workers’ organization of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, wrote a letter to Narendra Modi and Union Minister for Communications Ravi Shankar Prasad. According to the letter, BSNL will not be able to survive in the market after 2 years without cheap 4G equipment.

      Besides, the workers’ organization of BSNL is also writing to the Prime Minister to provide them with 4G equipment in any way, even if it is not local. The workers’ organization has requested the Centre to look into the importance of BSNL in the country’s’ Make in India ‘policy so that it is not deprived in any way. They also demanded compensation from the Centre for the incessant delay in launching 4G services.

      Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited

      The letter first came to the notice of the media ET Telecom. The letter further states that out of 49,300 BTS upgrades, Nokia supplies 13,300 BTS and ZTE supplies 36,000 BTS and they can be used simultaneously for 4G, 3G and 2G. The BSNL workers’ union further demanded that the government allow BSNL to upgrade 2G and 3G BTS to 4G BTS to launch 4G services.


      Incidentally, where Nokia is a Finnish company, ZTE’s origins are known. Earlier this year, the Telecom Authority of India mentioned the need for a local telecom equipment manufacturer in India. At the same time, it is said that India will no longer be dependent on other foreign companies by 2022 if any domestic telecom equipment manufacturer comes. At the same time, job opportunities in the telecom industry will also increase for Indians. And then in the international arena, vendors interpreted TRAI’s proposal as unrealistic and raised concerns about their business in the Indian telecom landscape.

      On the other hand, on behalf of the Sanchar Nigam Executive Association, ET Telecom has been told, ‘BSNL is facing attacks from almost all sectors. And BSNL cannot be saved if we do not all come together in such a crisis. Earlier, BSNL employees tried to save the company, not the management. AUAB has already sent letters to all unions and associations. The letter said those who are not members of AUAB should also join. BSNL will be able to turn around again if everyone is together and with the help of the centre.

      Government BSNL has already started outsourcing in several circles in India for cost cutting. But in the end, there was no gain. Workers claim that the service has fallen further. The letter further told the government that BSNL’s loss would be further exacerbated if it tried to divert BSNL’s mobile towers in the country to a subsidiary BSNL Tower Corporation (BTCL) or convert them into a joint venture.

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