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    Xiaomi launche Mi QLED TV 4K in India on December 16! 55 inch display at a low price!

    Xiaomi is launching QLED TV in India on 16th December. A few days ago, Xiaomi organized an event called ‘Quantum Leaps Ahead’. It was announced at the event that Mi QLED TV 4K will be launched in India in December.

    However, Xiaomi did not provide any details about the new QLED TV. However, several reports have revealed that this Mi QLED TV 4K is actually a rebranded version of Mi TV 5 or Mi TV 5 Pro. This Mi TV 5 and Mi TV 5 Pro – two LED TVs are available in China at the moment.

    Xiaomi is coming up with a new rebranded version of these two TVs in India, the source said. However, Xiaomi told Financial Express that it will not launch some TVs in India at the moment, which are already available in China.

    Mi QLED TV 4K

    “We could have launched this QLED TV in India 9 months ago,” says Ishwar Nilakanthan, category lead in Xiaomi’s smart TV division in India. But what is already available in China is no longer our intention to launch in India. We wanted to launch a new technology QLED TV in India with a little more time than that.

    Nilakanthan also said that this Xiaomi TV is made entirely in India. For the past few years, the Chinese company has been trying to dominate the smart TV market in India as well as smartphones.

    Not only that. Xiaomi will launch the smart TV in India from now on, all of it will be made in India. Because in 2021, Xiaomi wants to be a very important player in the Indian smart TV market. While little is known about the company’s new QLED TV, sources say it will have a 55-inch display that will support HDR 10+ and Dolby Vision.

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