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      How to make money from AdSense? What is AdSense?

      What is Google AdSense and how does AdSense work? AdSense account opening rules. How to make money from AdSense by approving AdSense?

      Google AdSense is one of the most popular ways to make money online, but the question is, is it true or possible? Can I always make money from AdSense? Will I be able to carry on with my family the money I earn from there? In addition to answering all these questions today, will you show how successful bloggers are making money from Google AdSense on their blogs?
      There’s nothing new about Google AdSense, but it’s not clear how it works. Before writing this post, I thought several times, should I write this post or not? Because everyone knows what Google AdSense is. Even then I started from the early stages. We already have a number of posts on our blog about what Google AdSense is, how it works, how to approve, how to make more money, and more. If you read all the AdSense related posts on my blog, you will know all the details about Google AdSense.
      Google AdSense is undoubtedly one of the best ways to make money online. All types of bloggers want to display Google AdSense ads on their blogs. Everyone likes AdSense because of its attractive ad size and design. In addition, Google pays very honestly for the money it receives from Google AdSense. For all these reasons, Google AdSense is at the top.

      What is Google AdSense?

      As everyone knows, Google AdSense is an Internet-based advertising agency run by Google itself. Google earns money by displaying advertisements on various websites under its auspices in exchange for money from various advertising companies. Google pays publishers about 7 percent of the money AdSense earns from advertising, and the remaining 32 percent is paid for by them. I am clearing the matter with an example.

      What is the function of Google AdSense?

      Now you can’t go door to door to tell people from home and abroad about the quality of your hotel. In this case you will need to arrange hotel advertising. You will then turn to Google AdSense to place this ad. You tell Google AdSense that I will pay one lakh rupees in exchange for my hotel ad to be advertised in the next month.

      What Google will do in this case is that Google will continue to show ads for that hotel on my blog for the next one month. When the advertisement of that hotel is shown on our blog, some part of the money received from that hotel will be given to us. This is how Google AdSense controls their advertising system around the world.
      Google AdSense usually displays ads in a variety of text, link and image formats. In all these ads, Per-Click and Per-Impression are calculated and paid to the publishers. About 27% of Google’s revenue comes from Google AdSense. It’s completely free for the publisher. You don’t have to spend any money if you want to be a publisher. You can easily earn good money by displaying these ads on your blog.

      How to make money from AdSense?

      If you want to use Google AdSense in a blog, first you have to create a blog by following all the rules and guidelines of AdSense: You have to publish a minimum of 20-25 good quality posts in the blog. Then if you have 100 unique visitors to the blog every day, apply to use AdSense on your blog. The Google AdSense team will review your application within 5/7 days and approve the application if the blog is suitable for AdSense. After approval, you will be able to use AdSense ads on your blog and be able to earn money from AdSense. However, if the application is rejected without approval, you will not be able to use AdSense on the blog. In this case, after a few days you will be able to solve everything and apply again.

      AdSense account opening rules:

      I mentioned earlier that you would need a standard blog or YouTube channel to open an AdSense account or apply for Google AdSense approval. If you have a good blog or YouTube channel, you can sign up for a Google AdSense website with a Gmail address and fill out a form: You can apply to open an AdSense account.

      However, keep in mind that applying for an AdSense account will not show AdSense ads on your blog or YouTube channel. Google will verify your blog or YouTube channel within 5/7 days of applying for a Google AdSense account. After verifying your blog or YouTube channel, they will approve the application to open your AdSense account if they deem it appropriate. Only with approval can you make money using AdSense ads on your blog or YouTube channel. However, if your blog or YouTube channel is not good, AdSense will reject your application without approving it. In this case, you should not be disappointed and try to increase the visitors by publishing new articles on the blog for 15/20 days. Then after 15/20 days you can apply to open an AdSense account again.

      YouTube AdSense Opening Rules:

      To open a YouTube AdSense account or to apply for AdSense, you need to enable the YouTube Video Monetization option. To enable the video monetization option on YouTube, you need to have a milestone of one thousand subscribers to your channel and 4,000 hours of watch time a year. There was no such condition before 2019 but this rule has been in force since 2019. After one thousand subscribers to your channel and 4000 hours of watch time in a year, you can open an AdSense account with a Gmail address by following the previous rules. Then, if approved in the same process, you can use AdSense ads on your YouTube channel.

      How does Google AdSense work?

      Google AdSense has a huge branch and team of developers who are constantly working to make it better. Recently, Google AdSense has been using artificial intelligence technology to display ads.
      Google usually collects all the information and cookies of a site first. It then displays ads depending on the content through special programming and JavaScript. All these ads give publishers the opportunity to earn money in two ways. For some websites only those who open the site and see the ad and, on some websites, pay the rate based by clicking on the ad. However, each blog / website has a different ad view and click rate based on the ranking. Moreover, the click rate of the ad also varies according to the size and type of the ad.

      Why are AdSense ads different?

      As I said before, Google AdSense ads are displayed through certain programming, so that it makes any site interesting to look at. Moreover, it will not affect the load time of any website. When a visitor visits a blog post, Google AdSense Scripts immediately scans the content of all the posts and displays ads matching the content. It also displays ads based on the country and area from which the site is being visited. Due to which it can be seen that after visiting from Bangladesh, Google AdSense is showing all types of advertisements in Bangladesh. When you visit a site from India, Google AdSense will show different types of ads in India.

      How to make money from Google AdSense?

      Google pays publishers 8% of the money AdSense earns from advertising and publishers pay the remaining 32%. So, you understand how much money you can earn. The following are some of the important things you need to do to make money from Google AdSense:

      A good quality blog / website

      If you have a writing habit, you can easily earn money from Google AdSense by creating a blog and sharing articles on the blog. If you do not have any experience in creating a blog, you can create a blog for free by following the post about creating a free blog with our blog BlogSpot. When you search for a keyword in the Google search engine and visit a blog from the search results, most of the ads that you see on those blogs are Google AdSense ads. Good article writers are earning thousands of dollars a month from AdSense just by sharing content on their blogs. I myself am earning a little money per month by using AdSense ads on my blog. So, you can earn money for a long time by blogging online.

      Good quality content

      One thing I always say is that if you want to be a good blogger, you must always publish quality and new articles on the blog. Publish content that you don’t know and understand well from someone who doesn’t copy and paste. Because Google AdSense always likes new articles like crazy. There was a time when Google AdSense did not support Bangla language but since 2016 AdSense has been supporting Bangla language and approving AdSense for blogs with Bangla content. So, if you want to make money from AdSense, you can now work with Bangla content.


      No matter what you blog about, your goal is to get visitors to the blog. Only when you get a lot of visitors to the blog will you succeed so much. Because a visitor less blog doesn’t make any sense. Moreover, the amount of money you get from Google AdSense depends on the visitors, that is, the more visitors to your blog, the more your income will increase.

      Keyword selection:

      In order to get more visitors to the blog, you have to choose the keyword. You need to choose high quality keywords according to the content of your blog. This will increase the number of visitors to your blog as well as the click value of the ad. In this case you can take the help of Google Keyword Planner Tool. From there, you can find out which keywords related to your blog are being used by visitors to search engines and which keywords are of high quality. From there, selectively use high quality keywords in your blog.

      Google AdSense Policies:

      You may think that you have a Google AdSense account so you can earn money by any means. But keep in mind that approving a Google AdSense account is not as difficult as fixing it. Because if you do anything against Google AdSense Policies, your account can be disabled at any time. Once the account is disabled, you will not be able to activate it any more. So before applying to AdSense and after Approved, read the Google AdSense Policies carefully and try to comply 100 percent. Then your account will be trusted by Google and will never be disabled.

      How much money can be made from Google AdSense?

      In answer to this question, I would say that it is not possible to have 100 percent life or family with AdSense. Because there is no guarantee that you will always be able to earn good money from here. It may be seen that you have been able to earn some money in a month, but you are struggling to earn a little money in a month. But I can say for sure that if your blog is of good quality, has good quality content and has a lot of visitors, then you will always be able to earn a Smart Amount from here. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

      How to get a letter from Google AdSense?

      Normally, when your AdSense income reaches 10, the Google AdSense team will ask you to verify your address, bank account and Google AdSense account. Google will send a letter to the post office at your local address when you apply for verification of your address, bank account and AdSense account from the AdSense settings option. The letter will have the official seal of Google AdSense. After opening the AdSense letter, you will see a PIN number. You can verify your address, bank account and AdSense account using the PIN number.

      How to withdraw money from AdSense:

      In Google AdSense, when your income is full 100, you will have the option to withdraw that money. After applying to withdraw money from Google AdSense account, Google will send your money to Bangladesh Bank. Bangladesh Bank will send the money to your desired verified bank account. In the case of India, that rupee probably reaches the desired bank through SBI.

      Our last word

      Due to the above special qualities, Google AdSense has won the hearts of advertisers and publishers and is at the top of the list. Because of the area-based advertising shows, advertisers have a special advantage. On the other hand, those who display ads on the blog also like it because it does not affect the load time on the site. In addition, Google is at the top of all types of advertising agencies due to the fact that the money earned from AdSense is paid with fidelity.

      Since AdSense is one of the biggest and most trusted means of earning money online, I think you can make a little money by spending a little time using blogging as a hobby even if you don’t take it as a profession. Which will help you read and write as well as your profession.

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