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    Unlimited data for two, Vi came up with an excellent plan RS 948

    Telecom company Vodafone Idea, which has recently been renamed Vi. The company had a popular postpaid plan at Rs 699. This Rs 699 plan has been available for only one user so far. In this plan, just like customers can send 100 SMS, it also offers unlimited data to customers. Users can also subscribe to Amazon Prime, Zee5 Premium for one year on this Vi plan for Rs 699.

    Know more about VI 948 Plans

    The cost of that popular plan was increased by the telecom company Vi. The purpose is the same, except for one so that two people can use this plan. Vodafone Idea or Vi paid Rs 948 per month for the postpaid plan of Rs 699 by charging an additional Rs 249 for the second person. Only Tech was the first to report on the development of the Rs 948 postpaid plan of this private telecom company. On behalf of Vi, this plan is called Family Postpaid Plan.

    In terms of benefits, this family postpaid plan, also known as entertainment postpaid plan, will offer a maximum of five lines to the customer. One of which will be primary and all the rest will be secondary. And the cost of this postpaid plan is 948 rupees for the charge of a secondary connection. There are three secondary connections left. The other three will have to spend Rs 249 again. However, everyone will get one of the offers.

    What you will get?

    In this family postpaid pack, primary users can use unlimited data. Secondary users will have access to 30GB of high-speed data. There are also unlimited local, STD and national roaming calling services for both primary and secondary. Vodafone Idea users will get everything for free.

    Vi plan also allows primary and secondary users to send 100 SMS. Secondary users will be able to use the 30GB data rollover, as well as access to Vi movies and TV for free. However, Amazon Prime and Zee5 Premium’s one-year free subscription offer is only available to primary users. Already this family postpaid plan of Vi has been launched in Uttar Pradesh Circle. This new offer will be available on the website soon. It is also learned that Vi’s Rs 948 family postpaid plan will be launched in all other parts of the country within the next week.

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