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    Google Task Mate offers easy way to earn money! This app is also coming to India.

    Tech giant Google is testing new apps in India. With the help of this new app, customers can win big money through some very simple tasks at home. Google’s new app is called Task Mate app. If you can do the task properly, the money will go straight into your bank account.

    The Google Task Mate app has already passed beta testing in India. But there is a lot of confusion about what kind of task can be given to the customers. According to Google, in this Task Mate app, users can earn huge amount of money by recording and sending certain things to their customers, uploading pictures of their business.

    What kind of task can users have? There are different types of work ranges. These include uploading pictures of restaurants near the customer’s hometown, conducting surveys, checking whether Google’s conversion from English to Hindi is correct, etc. In this Google Task Mate app, tasks for customers will be basically divided into two parts. He has a ‘field’ and another ‘sitting’. That is If customers want to work from home, there is a ‘seating’ option, and if someone wants to work out and earn money, there is a ‘field’ option.

    Task Mate

    Google’s Task Mate app is very similar to the Google Opinion Rewards app. This Google Opinion Rewards app is also available in the Play Store. Google Opinion Rewards users can win Play Store credit only if they answer the various questions of the Google survey correctly.

    And with all these Play Store credits, users can buy a variety of useful items. The condition is the same. All of this needs to be purchased from the Google Play Store. It includes Play Movies, Play Books, etc. However, there is no way to earn money as a reward in Google Opinion Rewards. The company is bringing the Google Task Mate app to help customers earn that money.

    The Task Mate app will basically have options for customers, such as ‘find tasks nearby’, ‘complete a task to begin earning’ and ‘cash out your earnings’. If a customer wants to win the prize money, he has his own e-wallet account Google Task Mate

    You have to register in the app. Customers can also use the Task Mate app by registering with an in-app payment partner.

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