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    Straight earnings in straight work! Learn how to get referral code from Google Task Mate App

    This time the Task Mate App has also come to India. Currently, this easy-to-earn-money app is being tested in India for certain users. The Google Task Mate App is already available in the Google Play Store and will allow users to use the Task Mate Referral Code.

    Customers can use the Google Task Mate App to win money as a reward for some very simple tasks . Google will reward customers in local currency. Once the third-party e-wallet or bank account is linked, the money will be credited directly to the customer’s bank account in the local currency system.

    How To Get Google Task Mate Referral Code

    Now the question is how this Google Task Mate app works and how or why customers can get its referral code. Many users are asking this question. Various questions are being raised about Google Task Mate app through Twitter, Facebook and many other social media. However, it is good to know that the Task Mate app is currently in testing mode. And once that testing is over, customers will be able to win prizes through easy work from the Task Mate app.

    How does the Google Task Mate app work? Those who have access to this app can request some tasks from different businesses in different parts of the world. And those tasks include uploading a picture of a restaurant near your home, translating from English to the local language, conducting various surveys for Google, and so on. Customers can choose the job of their choice. If you do not like a job, Task Mate users can leave it. Overall, this app allows users to earn huge amount of money in any part of India, anytime with easy task.

    How to get referral code from Google Task Mate app? This Task Mate app can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store. Or you can download the Google Task Mate app directly by clicking on this link . However, this app is currently in beta testing mode. And that’s why the app will work through a specific referral code for new users.

    This means that if you want to use this app, you need a referral code (Task Mate Referral Code). And once you get that referral code, you will start getting Google Task Invitations and you can win money only if you complete one task after another. At the moment you can only get referral code through ‘Invitations’. That is, if someone sends you a referral code. And the sooner you can use that referral code, the sooner you can start earning through the task.

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