Friday, March 31, 2023
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    Opportunity to earn a lot of money from YouTube! Coming Super Thanks feature

    The popularity of YouTube content creators is growing day by day. And that’s why YouTube content creation is considered by many to be a solid profession. This time the video-sharing platform has come up with a great way for creators to earn money. Alphabet’s video streaming platform has come up with a new feature called Super Thanks to attracting more creators to the platform.

    YouTube creators will get the opportunity to earn using this feature. YouTube is not willing to give up even an inch of land to keep the competition in the video world with TickTock and Facebook. Viewers will be able to buy Super Thanks for a total of four prices. And it will cost between 2 to 50 dollars. As well as this, viewers will be able to express their gratitude to the Creator in this way.

    If you buy Super Thanks, you can see it in the comments section below any video. If the creator wants, he can write in the reply chat of the viewer’s super thanks. YouTube has already brought this feature to thousands of creators in 68 countries around the world. The social platform will soon bring this feature to all creators under the partner program.

    So far, viewers have been able to pay creators directly through exclusive memberships. Also, the live session had the advantage of super chat. Now you can go to any video comment section and pay on YouTube through Super Thanks.

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