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      Reliance Jio is giving a great chance to earn while sitting at home! Learn how

      There are no jobs in the country! However, there are several ways to earn! He works from home and earns money through it. The more work, the more money. Last year, private telecom company Reliance Jio opened the way for customers to earn such money. JioPOS Lite is the name of that special service of Mukesh Ambani’s telecom company. Many people have heard the name of this app, but do not know how to use it!

      What exactly is this JioPOS Lite?

      Reliance Jio launched this app in March last year. It can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. This JioPOS Lite is actually a community recharge app that allows you to recharge your mobile phone for anyone, even family members and friends. And if you can recharge that job i.e. other people’s phone number, you will get 4.16 percent commission. For example, you recharged 100 rupees on someone’s phone. He will get a commission of 4 rupees.

      How to start earning from Jio POS Lite app today?

      * First go to Google Play Store from your Android smartphone and download JioPOS Lite. Then install and open the app.

      * Now you will be asked for some special permission to use the app. It includes phone number, location, media etc. Give permission for all this.

      * You will then be given an option to sign in to the JioPOS Lite app. Sign in and then tap on the Register Now option.

      * To register you need to give email ID or Jio mobile number. Just below it will be three recharge options. Among these you have to tap on Recharge Partner option.

      * Now click on Generate OTP option. And then OTP will come to your Jio number. Enter.

      * You will be asked for permission again. If allowed, you will be asked to unlock the phone.

      * You will then be asked for your name and email ID. You can even set your own location from here. Now read the Terms And Conditions once and click on Continue option.

      * If it goes so far then you have to tap on login. Enter your phone number again and then an OTP will come. Validate it.

      * For privacy, you need to create your own mPIN. Once you have created your desired mPIN, you need to tap on the setup option.

      How to recharge other people’s mobile?

      * Once registered, you will be shown 4 options. The first option is Recharge, the second option is Earning, the third option is Load Money and the fourth option is Passbook.

      * You have to tap on the first option i.e. Recharge. Now you can recharge any number. And you can earn in this way. The money that you will earn through other recharges will be shown to you in the Money Earning option.

      * But it is good to know. Regardless of the number of others, he has to keep a balance of at least Rs 500 in his account to recharge.

      * To keep this balance, you have to click on Load Money option. In one day, you can add up to 5000 rupees to the account. Here you will be shown options of Rs.1000 and Rs.2000 besides Rs.500.

      * The more you recharge, the more you earn. This simple method can make money sitting at home.

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