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      Zebronics has launched a new Bluetooth speaker in India, buy it at Rs 3,200

      Famous Indian brand Zebronics has launched their new wireless speaker Zeb Music Bomb X. This new speaker has two powerful drivers, which is expected to give it a nice sound. Other features include the Zeb Music Bomb X’s 4,000 mAh battery, Bluetooth connectivity and calling. Not only that, the LED light capsule design of this speaker is also quite interesting! Let’s take a look at the details of this new speaker from Zebronics.

      Price and availability of Zeb Music Bomb X.

      This new Zeb Music Bomb X speaker is priced at Rs 5,499. However, it can be purchased from Amazon India’s website for only Rs 2,299 on special offers. Those interested can see the black, red and blue variants of this speaker.

      Specification of Zeb Music Bomb X.

      Zeb Music Bomb X uses 9 special settings RGB LED and rhythmic lights. There is also Bluetooth connectivity, microSD and AUX support. Also, since the speaker is IPX 7 certified, it can be used comfortably in wet environments. As mentioned earlier, this new audio system comes with a 4000 mAh battery; In that case, the manufacturer claims that it will run for 20 hours on a single charge.
      On the other hand, this Zebronics speaker has two drivers of 45 mm. If it is connected to the device, you can manage the music, as well as the benefits of receiving calls.

      In this context, Zebronics last month launched a new earbud called Zeb Sound Bomb Q Pro, which is available at Rs 4,199. This earbud has been given a matte finish design with a comfortable fit. Also, the sound quality of the earbud is quite good due to noise cancellation. Zebronics believes that this earbud is ideal for those who want to buy earbuds for long-term use.

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