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      Yamaha is planning to launch an electric two-wheeler in India

      Yamaha’s electric vehicles sold in the international market may also be brought to India. Yasuma Ishihara, Managing Director, Yamaha Motor R&D India, spoke about the company’s plans. For that, Yamaha is reportedly conducting a survey and evaluating the possibilities of launching two-wheeled electric cars in India.

      Incidentally, a Yamaha official said last year that they were monitoring the ecosystem of electric mobility in India and that Yamaha could enter this segment in the next few years. This was followed by a report from Bike Dekho yesterday claiming that Yamaha was considering bringing their electric vehicles to India.

      Yamaha official Yasuo Ishihara recently said that moving some of Yamaha’s internationally sold electric cars to India is not a difficult task. Electric vehicles will not be able to completely replace petrol-powered vehicles. Traditional internal combustion engines have been capitalizing on Yamaha’s two-wheeler in India and the brand is working to develop more efficient engines for the future.

      In addition to e-scooters and motorcycles, Yamaha is evaluating future investments in power units and batteries with its partners for infrastructural development. In 2019, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, and Suzuki, known as Japan’s Big Four, announced their joint efforts to launch a replaceable battery system. In addition, an improved infrastructure will help reduce concerns about the driving range of the vehicle.

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