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      Xiaomi’s incredible invention! The new phone has a ‘Waterfall’ display, and there is no physical buttons

      Popular Chinese smartphone-maker Xiaomi has come up with the first such display in the world. Xiaomi is working on a new concept, which has a quad-curved and Waterfall display. This is a display with curves around it. Rich in 88-degree hyper screen design, the display of this smartphone is going to be so glamorous that it can give the surface of the phone a lot of underwater feeling. The company is calling it ‘Waterfall’ in the language of clothing.

      In terms of look, there is a screen all over the phone. Besides, no ports or buttons are being provided on the phone. Xiaomi recently shared a teaser video. And in that video, the rear camera setup of the phone has been noticed. However, without the camera module, the phone has no other edges. In a press release on behalf of Xiaomi.

      Reportedly, the biggest challenge for the company was to give this unimaginable curved waterfall display so that the look of the phone does not get distorted in any way! And with that in mind, the 88-degree quad-curved glass panel and its state-of-the-art technology display have been built with 3D bonding.

      ‘Compared to ordinary curved displays, these new advanced technology displays have a huge potential to heat up and bend. Polishing this type of hyper-curved glass at 88 degrees requires special glass tools that can develop around the display itself. It requires extra temperature (800 degrees Celsius), high pressure, four different polishing tools and at least ten different complex methods for polishing ‘, Xiaomi wrote in a press release. At the same time, the company says that success in this type of technology comes only after failing more than 1000 times.

      To attach this curved glass with highly flexible display, Xiaomi has taken the help of an innovative screen stacking design in their 3D bonding method. Now the question is, how will this phone work when there are no buttons or ports? Xiaomi claims that it has come up with more ‘fair options’ to operate this phone. Ultra-Thin Piezo electronic Ceramics, Flexible Film Display Acoustic Technology, Third-Generation Under Display Camera, Wireless charging, e-SIM chips, pressure-sensitive touch sensors – etc. Xiaomi is going to offer a bunch of alternative methods in this phone.

      However, the company has not yet confirmed the exact model of the technology. But experts say one or two. Xiaomi is going to give the concept of this kind of display and charging without any wire to almost all smartphones in the future.

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