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      Xiaomi’s free and unconditional repair service on Mi A3 phones due to Android 11 update

      Xiaomi has recently brought Android 11 update to several smartphones. This includes the Mi A3 phone. But this update has caused problems for Mi A3 users. As soon as it is updated, various problems are appearing on the phone. No phone on. There is a problem with the motherboard again. One complaint after another is coming from different parts of the country. The manufacturer Xiaomi finally came forward to solve the problem. The company recently announced that all Mi A3 users in the country will be offered free and unconditional phone repair services.

      Xiaomi said that the problem will be solved very soon. However, the exact cause of this problem is not yet clear. In a recent statement, Xiaomi said it was aware of the problem with the Mi A3 device following the Android 11 update. Arrangements are being made to temporarily stop this update. Developers are experimenting with the subject. Users who have problems with this update should contact the nearest service center. In this case, free and unconditional phone repair services will be provided in more than 2000 service centers spread across different parts of the country. The company is sorry for the inconvenience. However, continuous efforts are being made to find a quick solution.

      Needless to say, one complication after another has been created on the Mi A3 phone since the Android 11 update came out. Xiaomi’s Mi A3 users started experiencing various problems while using their phones. Several phones became unusable. Many phones could not be switched on. In this turbulent situation many rushed to the nearby Mi store for phone repairs. But there is also great danger. Servicing centers demand large sums of money to fix the phone. Some complained that they were being charged between Rs 5,000 and Rs 11,000 for fixing the phone. Repairing centers are talking about replacing the motherboard of the phone. In a word, you have to spend the day without a phone. Customers complain that the developers have come up with updates on the phone without any testing. And innocent customers are the victims of their reckless work. Having to lose big money out of pocket without any good reason. As the phone does not turn on day after day,

      Note: According to a statement from Xiaomi, currently all Mi A3 users in the country will be offered free and unconditional phone repair services. In other words, even if the warranty of the device is exceeded, there will be no problem. All phones will have free repairs.

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