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      Xiaomi solved the Arunachal Pradesh problem, apologizing for the unintentional mistake

      Recently, relations between India and China have deteriorated considerably. It is having an impact on various socio-economic and political developments in the two countries. But at the same time, some experts are reminding us of the fierce competition in the world market, which is also destabilizing our simple everyday life.

      In addition to the Chinese app ban, our centrally elected government has announced plans to build a ‘self-reliant India’. Some delegates also spoke of using more Indian products in all walks of life instead of using Chinese products. Meanwhile, a controversy erupted last Saturday over the behaviour of Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi. In the update of Xiaomi Weather app, Arunachal Pradesh was unknowingly disappeared from India! Netizens have been protesting against Xiaomi on social media in protest of the incident. Many of them on Twitter want to know the reason for this unjust behaviour of Xiaomi.

      In the face of this collective protest, Xiaomi India hastily issued a statement on the same day stating that their mistake was completely unintentional. They have already solved this problem. Respecting the sentiments of all Indian citizens towards the country, they have apologized for this unintentional mistake.

      A spokesman for Xiaomi said in a statement to IANS: “In fact, our Weather app relies on multiple third-party sources for information. That’s why we’re sorry for the weather update providing inaccurate information about multiple locations. “

      Authorities in Xiaomi India have made it clear that multiple locations in Arunachal Pradesh, including Itanagar, Tawang and Pasighat, could not be found in their app just because of a mechanical glitch. They are committed to delivering the best possible service to all Indian citizens by correcting these shortcomings in the future, the statement said.

      Even after this statement, many netizens, however, tweeted Xiaomi, “Then be careful before any other part of India is blown away by the application, otherwise it cannot be said that your smartphone may be vanishing in the Indian market overnight!”


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