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      Who owns the internet?

      In the percentage we may not eat for two or three hours or we may not sleep all night but without internet we cannot imagine a single moment. Have you ever wondered how the internet works? How does it come to our device or who owns this internet? Who manages this internet? 

      We know that every country in the world, including India, is connected to the Internet. Usually we all think that the internet works through satellites. But the reality is completely different. 99% of the internet works with the help of optical fibre. This optical fibre is a very thin thing that is thinner than human hair. Now you may be wondering why the cable is not connected to us when using mobile? Then why talk about cable. 

      The fact of the matter is that the cable is laid from the tower from which the network comes to your mobile to the server of the website you are browsing. Now I will tell you in a little detail exactly how and in what steps the internet works. The Internet comes to us at basically different levels. These three levels are called TR One, TR Two and TR Three. The companies that are part of the TR One have spread optical fibre like a net from one country to another through the seabed at their own expense. In this way a country is connected to all other countries by cable. These optical fibres are then split from the country into different provinces or districts. Then finally the tower in your area comes and that connection reaches and from there you get cableless internet connection. 

      This time we will try to understand the matter a little more practically. Fiber optical cables are laid along the seabed. Although these fibre optical cables are as thin as hair, their data transfer capacity is six gigabytes per second. I have said before that those who do this work are TR One Company and one such company in India that does its own work is TR One Company India Submarine Cable Company Limited. 

      Here we will learn about a website where you can see how the wires are spread all over the world. Those who have connected the whole world with these cables are TR One Company. India has two landing points. Now if you visit a website and its server is in another country then all the data you have browsed will come back to that particular server through this landing point and data will be received on your device again from that server. 

      Now the question is how the internet comes to your hands from this landing point. It even costs a fortune. If we take the case of India, then various operators in the country like Grameenphone, Robi, Banglalink spread their connections all over India through cable from the landing point to the next step. These are TR to Company. These TR2 companies charge a certain amount of money per gigabyte to TR1 Company. 

      There are also various Internet service providers or IAPs at the local level who are basically TR3 companies. Basically, TR One, TR Two and TR Three are the three levels where the Internet comes to us. A closer look reveals that there is no cost to the Internet. All we give is just for laying and repairing. And in the midst of all this, we can easily understand that there is no satellite work here. The Internet is almost entirely accessible to you through this cable. So, there is actually no owner of the internet. 

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