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      WhatsApp is bringing the perfect feature, first there will be chat with loved ones

      WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging platform as it is constantly adding new and useful features. This Meta-owned app rolls out new features from time to time mainly to provide users with a comfortable chatting experience. Today it is known that WhatsApp is coming with an option for users to pin 5 contact chats to the conversation window at the same time. Note that chat pinning is still available on this messaging platform. But currently 3 chats can be pinned. But after the new update we will get the option to pin chat box to home window of up to 5 important contacts with whom we have daily chats. This new feature will be rolled out to every WhatsApp user very soon.

      WhatsApp has decided to increase the number of pinning chats

      WABetaInfo, WhatsApp’s feature tracking site, has revealed the arrival of this upcoming feature. They said – WhatsApp users will soon get an option to pin up to 5 chats together in their conversation window. In this case, chats can be personal or individual contacts, and can also be a group. In a word, when this effective update is rolled out, WhatsApp users will not have any difficulty in finding the useful chat box in the crowd of thousands of chats at the moment of rush.

      WABetaInfo shared a screenshot of the new feature, saying, “Due to the increasing number of chats in the conversation window, users are given the option to pin more chats.” Basically, it is said that this feature is being introduced so that the chat box of the required contact can be identified separately and easily accessed from among multiple chats.

      Here’s how to pin important chats to the conversation window:

      1. First, select a chat box from the WhatsApp conversation window and long-press on it.

      2. Next, a pin icon will appear next to the delete icon in the upper right corner of the window.

      3. Tap on PIN option.

      After update release maximum 5 chats can be pinned by following this same steps.

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