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      What’s the difference between WordPress.Com and WordPress.Org?


      Before embarking on a blogging career, everyone faces a common question: should I start blogging with WordPress or with Google Blogger? Then many people suggest to start with WordPress and many people suggest to start blogging with Google Blogger. As a result, new bloggers are unable to reach the right conclusions due to two consecutive consultations. We will try to give the right and complete clear solution to these questions. But before you start blogging with Blogger or WordPress, you need to know the difference between WordPress.Com and WordPress.Org. In today’s post we will discuss the differences and advantages and disadvantages between WordPress.Com and WordPress.Org and in the next post we will discuss in detail which is Blogger or WordPress Perfect for you

      Although WordPress.Com and WordPress.Org seem to be one and the same thing, there are many differences between the two. Before writing about these two issues, let me briefly say that WordPress.Com is a free basic version of WordPress. You can use it completely free of cost. WordPress.Org, on the other hand, is the full professional version of WordPress, which you need to use to buy hosting for money. You have full control and responsibility for it.

      Advantages of WordPress.Com:

      • Here you will be given up to 3GB of space for free However, after this 3GB is full, you have to buy the space as per your need.
      • They will backup your site regularly. You don’t have to worry about this.

      Disadvantages of WordPress.Com:

      • Your blog will show the various ads they need. In this case you have to pay if you want to remove the ads.
      • You will not be able to use any type of ads of your choice until you get more than 25,000 Page Views per month on your blog. Then even if they allow you to use ads on your blog, you have to pay them 50% of the revenue from your ads.
      • You cannot use any plugins in it. And you must be aware that the biggest advantage of WordPress is the variety of plugins.
      • You can’t use any kind of custom theme even if you want to. In this case, to give your blog a professional look, you have to read in great difficulty.
      • You can’t use any kind of Custom Analytics Software in it. Because it will not allow you to use any custom code.
      • If you do anything that violates any of their Terms of Service, they may delete your site at any time.
      • You can change the theme of the site without your permission. Because these themes have full control in the hands of the developers.
      • You have to pay to enjoy the benefits of Upgrade of your Themes. Only then will you have the opportunity to upgrade themes.

      Advantages of WordPress.Org:

      • Full control will be in your hands. Only you will own all types of data. Keeping it on or off will depend entirely on you. No one can interfere in any of your matters.
      • Be able to upload everything and use thousands of plugins.
      • You can install all types of custom themes and modify them to your liking.
      • You can change your hosting at any time without any problems.
      • You can earn money online by using any type of advertising of your choice.
      • There will be no difficulty in using Custom Analytics and Tracking.

       Disadvantages of WordPress.Org:

      • You need to buy good quality hosting like other more general websites. In this case you have to count 03-06 dollars per month.
      • You will be responsible for all types of upgrades.
      • You also have to bear the responsibility of data backup.
      • You need to be vigilant to prevent any kind of spamming or virus attack. Otherwise your web could be damaged at any time.

      Which one should you use?

      If you just want to use online as a personal blog without thinking of making any money online, you can use WordPress.Com effortlessly for free. But if you want to take blogging as a career or make money online by blogging, then of course I will tell everyone to use WordPress.Org for some money. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

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