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    What is DNS? Domain Name System Kya Hai?

    Hello Guys I’m Koustav and welcome to my blog. Today in this video I will talk about What is DNS? Domain Name System Kya Hai? DNS means that domain name system! That’s means it’s a directory of internet. A domain name system (DNS) is an Internet phonebook or a directory where information of all types of websites is saved. Web browsers first access the DNS directory via the Internet. Then it will find out that the IP address of that WEb url. Then the request return to your browser and then you see the content of that website. That’s all for a DNS or Domain Name System.
    There are verious types of company that provides free public dns. Most of the time I see that all users use Google Public DNS but you can also try this DNS service provider:

    If you want to know more about this, then you need to watch this video till the end! Thank you so much for your support! Jay Hind Vande Mataram.

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