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      Vi’s incredible offer! 1GB data per day for only RS 2.04

      Vodafone Idea or Vi has some impeccable prepaid recharge packs in its bag. While those plans offer a huge amount of data, there are also OTT with Unlimited Calling and a bunch of other offers. But you know, this Vodafone Idea has such an excellent prepaid recharge pack, which offers 1GB of data per day for just RS 2.04. It also comes with impressive offers like Unlimited Voice Calling, 100 SMS, Free OTT Subscription. Let’s keep an eye on various information about that plan of Vi.

      Vi’s 699 Prepaid Plan –

      One of the most popular Vodafone-Idea plans is the 699 Prepaid Recharge Plan. Customers can reap huge benefits from this pack, be it data or calling benefits. The validity of Rs 699 Vi plan is 84 days. This gives customers the opportunity to enjoy 4GB of free data every day. The plan also offers customers unlimited calling on any network in India and subscription to Vi Movies & TV app for free.

      However, the best offer of this plan is that it offers double data benefits. All in all, up to a validity period of 84 days, if users get 4GB of data, then a total of 336GB of internet is available in this plan. In other words, according to the calculation per GB, customers get 1GB internet for only RS 2.04.

      Even ahead of Jio and Airtel in this regard, Vi –

      This 699-rupee prepaid recharge plan with a validity of about 3 months, users only profit and benefit. If this plan is again compared to competitors like Airtel or Jio, then Airtel also has a prepaid recharge pack of Rs 698 with a validity of 84 days. In this Airtel plan, customers are offered 2GB of data per day, which means that the cost per customer is 4 rupees 15 paise per GB of data.

      JIO also has some similar plans. The validity of Reliance Jio’s Rs 599 prepaid plan is 84 days. This plan also offers customers 2GB of data per day. And for every GB, customers have to spend Rs 3.56.

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