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      Vi unveiled 7 new prepaid value-added plans, starting from Rs 32

      The competition among telecom companies to come up with new plans is not unknown to us. All the telecom companies come up with new plans from time to time to attract customers. Today, India’s third largest telecom company Vi (formerly Vodafone Idea) has come up with a bunch of value-added new plans. These plans include games, sports, contests and Star Talk services. The company has launched a total of 8 value added plans today. Let’s find out about these plans.

      Vi unveiled 6 value added plans

      First of all, I would like to inform you that 2 plans (‘Long Validity’ has been added to the name of the long-term plan) for each of the games, sports, contest and Star Talk services. Of these, plans of RS 32 and RS 72 have been brought for games services. The plans of Rs 42 and Rs 72 have been brought for sports services. For Contest and Star Talk services, you will get plans of RS 42, RS 83, RS 52 and RS 103 respectively.

      Vi’s 32 RS games pack is valid for 28 days. There will be opportunities to play 200 popular games. The games are completely ad-free. Again, these 200 games will be available for 69 days in the 72 RS Games Long Validity Pack.

      Again, the validity of the sports pack of RS 42 is 28 days. Unlimited SMS of cricket match score alert will be available. Also, in this pack you can get a chance to talk to any sports celebrity. The same benefit will be available in the Sports Long Validity Pack of Rs 72, but its validity is 69 days.

      Meanwhile, the Rs 52 Star Talk pack will have the opportunity to live chat with Bollywood celebrities for 28 days. At least five events a month you can talk to one of the celebrities. Again, this facility is available for 79 days in the 103 Star Talk Long Validity Pack.

      The validity of the RS 42 contest pack is 28 days. There will be opportunities to win various prizes, gold vouchers etc. The same facility will be available in the Contest Long Validity offer of Rs. However, its validity is 69 days. These offers are available in all telecom circles in India

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