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      Vi is offering free Zee5 subscriptions for postpaid customers, after prepaid


      Vodafone and Idea have recently launched a new brand called Vi. Vi’s new ad has also received a good response from netizens. But not only is it launching as a new brand, Vi is also offering new opportunities to its customers to stay competitive. These range from double data to MPL or Zomato offers. Recently Vi started offering Zee5 subscriptions to their prepaid customers with some unlimited packs. This time we are going to bring Zee5 bundle pack for postpaid customers too. These packs will be available soon.

      Vi’s Zee5 bundle pack will include a free Zee5 subscription for one year. Amazon Prime Video, Vi Movies and TV, and even Netflix subscriptions are already offered with various postpaid packs of Wii. This time Zee5 is also going to be added to the postpaid plan. As a result, Wii covers almost all popular OTT platforms.

      Apart from RedX, Vi currently offers three postpaid plans. The cheapest plan is 597 rupees. Here 60 GB of data is available per month with 2 connections. There is also the facility of data rollover up to 200 GB (additional data can be used next month). Again, 3 connections can be used in the Tk 849 plan. 120 GB data will be given here. With data rolling over up to 200 GB. Besides, you will get 200 GB data with 5 connections in 999 taka plan. 200 GB data rollover facility is also available here.

      Additional benefits with these plans are subscriptions to Amazon Prime Video and Vi Movies and TV. Each pack also comes with MPL and Zomato offers.

      As mentioned earlier, Zee5 subscription is also available on prepaid plans besides postpaid. Zee5 subscription is being offered for Rs. 405, Rs. 595, Rs. 695 and Rs. 2595 packs for one year. Prepaid customers will be able to take advantage of Zee5 subscription by taking any one of these packs. Answering a question regarding Zee5 subscription recently, the company said in the FAQ section that postpaid customers will get the benefit of Zee5 subscription if they fill any pack above Rs 499. This offer will be available to postpaid customers soon.

      However, keep in mind that all these offers can be accepted once in a while. And taking advantage of one year means customers have to stay active in Vi network for one year. As a result, there is no doubt that it will be useful for Vi to attract customers.

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