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    Use the BigBasket app? Be careful! BigBasket data of over 2 crore users leaked by Hacker

    Used to market from the BigBasket app? Be careful! According to the company, hackers have stolen the personal information of about 20 million users through this app. Big Basket has already lodged a written complaint with the Bangalore Cyber ​​Crime Cell. Cyber ​​cell investigators are looking into the whole matter. BigBasket data of over 2 crore users leaked

    The trend of online shopping has increased due to house arrest during the Corona Pandemic period. To avoid infection, many people have downloaded the BigBasket app on their smartphones and ordered everything from vegetables to fish, rice and pulses at home. Big Basket has been delivering daily necessities to the doorsteps of the buyers for a long time.

    However, it became more popular during Pandemic. The number of users also increases by leaps and bounds. Everything was fine. But this time the accounts of about 2 crore users fell into the hands of hackers. The hackers was stolen the personal information given in this app, BigBasket data of over 2 crore users leaked just imagine that is the allegation. Not only that, the company further alleges that hackers are selling all users’ confidential information on the Dark Web (online where illegal work takes place). In return for which the hackers have earned 30 lakh rupees.

    What Action Taken by Bigbasket

    Cyble on behalf of the Cyber ​​Crime Cell said that the incident was reported on 14th of last month. Even Big Basket Management was told that on 1st November. Research has shown that user’s data is really being sold on the Dark Web. The buyer’s name, password, date of birth, home address, phone number, IP address have all been captured by hackers. 

    Attempts are being made to bring the matter under control by identifying how it happened. At the same time, users have been asked to be careful. China’s Alibaba has a 26 per cent stake in the Bangalore-based company. So, the user’s information was hacked, raising questions about the safety of new buyers.

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