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      Typing is no longer a hassle! Voice Search has also appeared on YouTube

      YouTube added Voice Search option to the web app. This means that from now on users will no longer need to go to YouTube and type to search for a song or video. Customers can search anything on YouTube with Just Voice Command. This feature was previously available on YouTube’s Android and iOS apps. This time it went to the web version.

      YouTube’s web app has a microphone icon right next to the search bar. Customers only need to allow YouTube to turn on the microphone to turn on voice search. After that you can say whatever you want by tapping on that microphone, so YouTube will search and show you.

      Once the search is done, tapping the microphone icon again will turn it off. 9to5Google was the first to report this feature of YouTube’s Voice Search. Users around the world can use this feature.

      YouTube’s Voice Search can easily and smartly capture any customer search. 9to5Google reports that if you go to YouTube and say ‘show me cat videos’, he will come up with a lot of ‘cat videos. If you go there and say, ‘show me k-pop videos’ or’ show me funny videos’- all of these things will be brought to you in an instant on YouTube.

      You can also find solutions to many of your questions with the help of this voice search on YouTube. From subscriptions, to watch history, to top trending videos, to your library – YouTube will show you everything at once in a single voice command.

      Over the past few days, YouTube has been working on cosmetic improvements to its app. Most recently, YouTube turned off the video caption button option in the feed, and added audio options. From now on, if you want to watch the video from the feed, you can close the caption by mute or unmute and turn on or off

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