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      Top 5 Alternative of PUBG Mobile for IOS users!

      Top 5 best battle royale games for IOS, just like PUBG Mobile.
      • After the ban on PUBG Mobile, players have been on the hunt for alternatives.
      • The same can be said of iOS users, and we look at some suitable replacements. As well as Android Users
      Since PUBG Mobile is no longer an option for fans of the battle royale genre, as it is now banned in India, mobile players will have to look for other games, at least until this massively-popular offering finds a way to return.
      Even on the iOS platform, several BR titles can be played until PUBG Mobile comes back. In this article, we look at some offerings and why they would be great alternatives.
      Five best battle royale games :-
      1) Call of Duty Mobile
      Call of Duty Mobile has always been one of the biggest competitors to PUBG Mobile, and it is pretty evident that following the ban on the latter, this title had a lot to gain.
      While COD Mobile manages to do justice to the battle royale gameplay, it is not restricted just to this genre. This game also executes classic 5v5 multiplayer matches very well, and does an excellent job of making sure that no player runs out of new things to try in the game.
      • 100 players in battle royale mode
      • Several multiplayer game modes
      • Customised loadouts
      2) Garena Free Fire
      Garena Free Fire is the other contender to the throne of PUBG Mobile, and has seen a sharp increase in the number of downloads following the ban on PUBG Mobile.
      Free Fire is known for its fast-paced and action-packed battle royale matches that last only 10 minutes. This game manages to create a highly-exciting experience, with smooth graphics and a game that even runs on low-end devices without any significant lags.
      • 10-minute matches with 50 players
      • Four-person squads, with in-game voice chat
      • Level up character skills
      3) Hopeless Land
      Hopeless Lands is one of the battle royale titles on iOS that was fortunate enough not to get axed by the Indian government. And due to the absence of PUBG Mobile, several people have switched to this title, and it hasn’t disappointed so far.
      In terms of gameplay, Hopeless Land has 100-player matches in the battle royale mode, which follows the same principle of looting, surviving, and emerging as the last-man-standing.
      • Low requirements for devices
      • Great arsenal for weapons
      • In-game communication to help teamwork
      4) Battlelands Royale
      Battlelands Royale is an enjoyable battle royale game that borrows a lot of its gameplay elements from titles like PUBG Mobile. It uses quirky top-to-down-style graphics to give an original and unique feel to players.
      The gameplay is more or less the same, with gamers fighting till the last man is standing, and they need to explore and loot, while also killing foes on the map.
      • Multiplayer gameplay
      • Upgrade your characters
      • Exclusive Battle Pass content
      5) Rocket Royale
      Rocket Royale is a battle royale game that brings a particular goal into play, one that’s better than just killing without reason.
      Players have to build a rocket using the scavenged materials to escape the arena. Not only do they have to build and protect their rockets, but also destroy the missiles made by others, making it a unique BR experience.
      • Fortify to protect your rocket
      • A vast map which is free to explore
      • Become the last man standing
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