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      This prepaid plan from Vi has 270GB internet, no need for 6 months recharge!

      In the meantime, the fleet of data offers on the prepaid recharge plan of any telecom company has increased! In fact, the demand has increased. Because, nowadays people are searching for more than unlimited calling, how many GB of internet is being offered by one telco. And that’s why Reliance Jio, Airtel, Vi and even the government BSNL have come up with a bunch of prepaid recharge plans to offer huge amount of data to the customers.

      Among them, Vodafone Idea or Vi has such an impeccable prepaid recharge plan, which offers 6 months validity to the users. Customers have to spend Rs 1,197 to get all the offers of this prepaid recharge plan from Vi. There are some great offers in this prepaid recharge pack. As long as it is valid, it also has 1.5 GB of data per day, unlimited calling and a bunch of other benefits.

      Vi’s Rs 1,197 prepaid recharge plan –

      The validity of this prepaid pack is 6 months i.e. 180 days. It offers users 1.5GB of data per day. As per the calculation, a customer gets the absolute benefit of using a total of 270GB of data till the full validity period. Besides, the plan also offers unlimited calling on any network in the country. There are also weekend data rollovers and the ultimate benefit of 100 SMS per day. This plan offers customers free access to Vi Movies & TV.

      The most attractive offer of this plan is the opportunity to use the weekend rollover. This means that users will be able to use unused data for the first 5 days of the week on Saturdays and Sundays, ie weekends. Vi users from all circles of the country can use this prepaid plan. Until a few days ago, this plan was only available for new SIM users of Vi. But now Vi users from all over the country can use this plan.

      Reliance Jio has a prepaid recharge plan of Rs 1299 –

      Jio has no plan at Rs 1,197. Users have to spend Rs 1,299 on Reliance Jio on the same plan as Vi, with a slight increase in cost. The validity of this plan is 336 days i.e. 1 year 1 day. Customers are offered 24GB data in this plan. Once the daily data quota is over, the speed drops to 64kbps. In addition, unlimited calling services and a total of 3600 SMS are also offered to customers on any network in the country. The plan also offers users a complimentary subscription to all Jio Apps.

      Airtel’s Rs 1498 Prepaid Recharge Plan –

      Airtel also has no prepaid plan of Rs 1,197. Airtel users have to spend Rs 1,498 for most of Vi’s Rs 1,197 plan offers. The validity of this plan is 365 days. Customers can enjoy a total of 24GB of data by recharging the plan. In addition to this plan, users can also make unlimited calling on any network in the country. There is also an offer of 3600 SMS.

      However, this plan offers Airtel Xtream Premium and Wink Music subscriptions for free. Airtel’s 30-day Amazon Prime video trial, along with Shaw Academy’s one-year free course and free caller tune, is offered on Airtel’s Rs 1,498 prepaid recharge plan.

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