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      This Indian won Rs 36 lakh by correcting Microsoft’s ‘mistake’, you can too! Learn how

      Laxman Muthiah, a security researcher from Chennai, won a prize of 36 50,000 or about Rs 36 lakh from the tech giant Microsoft. The man from Chennai got the big prize money for a big mistake of Microsoft. Symptoms Find a bug in Microsoft’s system. And for that mistake, Microsoft rewarded him with 36 lakh rupees.

      In today’s technological life, secret information is often hacked without our knowledge. Cybercriminals or hackers mainly carry out such manipulations with the help of viruses, malware or bugs. Not just people. Even large companies are caught in the grip of this bug and are often forced to hand over important information to hackers. That is why more and more companies are hiring cyber security researchers. There are also many organizations that host the ‘Bug Bounty Program’.

      Microsoft recently launched a similar ‘Bug Bounty Program’. There, Indian researchers found bugs in Microsoft’s system. After succeeding in Microsoft’s ‘Bug Bounty Program’, Lakshman was handed over 50,000 US dollars or 36,36,605 Indian rupees. According to the report, Microsoft entered the system like ‘Bin Bulaye Mehman’ without the permission of the user. This bug was so dangerous that there was a high risk of Microsoft account being hijacked.

      Laxman Muthiah says, ‘I informed Microsoft about this issue last November. I received a request to take a closer look at the company’s security system. After sending several emails in a row, I was given the benefit of the company’s special Elevation of Privilege. Microsoft immediately took urgent steps to fix the bug.

      Incidentally, the man named Laxman Muthiah had earlier saved Instagram from massive hacking. Lakshman saved this social media platform by looking for vulnerabilities like rate limiting on Instagram. This rate limiting bug can enter the system in droves. As a result, there is a strong possibility that the accounts of users of any platform will be hacked, just as happened with Instagram.

      Lakshman thanked the Microsoft team in a tweet shortly after receiving the prize money. After winning this huge prize money, he said, ‘Two Microsoft officials, the whole team listened to all my comments very seriously. They also gave me updates every moment. Everyone has helped me to solve this problem. And I’m grateful to Microsoft for this huge bounty award. “

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