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      Thinking of buying an iPhone 12 series? If you use dual SIM, you will not get 5G connection

      Apple’s new iPhone 12 series came on the market quite late this year. But since its launch, the long-awaited iPhone series has been making headlines again and again. Despite the high price, many people buy, or want to buy, Apple’s elite devices. However, the price of the iPhone 12 series and the lack of a charger adapter with the phone, many interested people are a little confused. Meanwhile, another sensational piece of information has come out today, which will make many people think twice when they go to buy an iPhone 12!

      In fact, a recent report from MacRumors states that all iPhone 12 models support 5G networks, but 5G connections cannot be enjoyed using a dual SIM card. A Reddit user also said that users of the iPhone 12 series will not be able to make full use of the 5G network. If you use dual SIM, only 4G LTE connection will be available in the new iPhone. The 5G service has not been launched yet, but even after the launch, the question may arise as to how much iPhone buyers will be able to enjoy the benefits of this network!

      That Reddit user shared a snapshot of a document that explicitly states that when using two lines in dual SIM mode, both lines will not have the benefit of 5G data connection, up to 4G LTE data connection can be used. If users use a 5G carrier supported eSim and that SIM is a valid plan, they can access the 5G network

      However, the user added that Apple could solve this problem with a software update next year. He also made it clear that the document he shared was only available to retailers and carriers.

      Incidentally, one of Apple’s focus points during the iPhone 12 launch event was the 5G network. The US company has entered the 5G smartphone segment with the new iPhone series. Although 5G networks are not available in most countries, including India, several Android manufacturers have already launched 5G smartphones. Phones that do not have this type of problem. As a result, this kind of issue is not at all desirable in the new iPhone.

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