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      The wait is over! FAU-G in India on Republic Day

      Ending the wait, Pubg’s alternative military game is about to be launched in India. Fearless And United: Guards (FAU-G) mobile game launches in January. Bangalore-based game developer nCore Games and Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar have tweeted the launch date of the military game. Besides, the anthem video of this game has also been released in the tweet.

      The FAU-G game is being launched on January 26, Republic Day. Earlier, pre-registration for the FAU-G game had started in December. And the developers of the game are claiming that there was a huge response in that pre-registration. In 24 hours, 1 million or more than 1 million pre-registered for this game.

      iPhone users, however, had to wait, as pre-registration was only available on the Google Play Store. So, iPhone users will have to wait until the FAU-G game launches.

      The developers of this FAU-G mobile game are a free-to-play online multiplayer action game. As seen in the anthem video, people are landing using parachutes. And that suggests that Battle Royale mode may be offered later in this FAU-G game.

      As we mentioned earlier, FAU-G pre-registration started in December. If game fans haven’t pre-registered for this military mobile game yet, find out how to pre-register for FAU-G.

      First go to Google Play Store and search for FAU-G mobile games. Now you have to tap on the pre-register button from the listing page of the game. Once you go to that page, all the procedures related to enrollment will appear in front of you. Now, step by step, if you enter all the information including your name, mobile number, FAU-G will be pre-registered.

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