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      The smartphone will be charged at the moment, Xiaomi is bringing 67.1-watt GaN charger

      Over the past few years, Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has been experimenting with charging technology for its devices. Meanwhile, the company has also brought some interesting surprises in its (wired) charging technology. A few days ago, Xiaomi also introduced air charging technology. Where it is possible to charge the smartphone without connecting it to the charging cable. However, a recent report says that the Chinese company is not stopping here. Soon Xiaomi is preparing to launch another fast charger in the market.

      This new Xiaomi charger with MDY-12-EU model number has been spotted in the TUV Rheinland Certification Database today. It is thought to be a GaN (gallium nitride) charger with 11 volts, 6.1 support and 67.1 watts fast charging.

      For information, these GaN chargers are made using gallium nitride semiconductor material, which features super thermal conductivity, high-temperature resistance, etc. They also have acid and alkali resistance benefits. In addition, the size of the chargers is relatively small. Earlier, Xiaomi also launched a GaN charger with 55-watt fast charging facility.

      However, although it is not the fastest charger from Xiaomi, it is expected that this fast charger will be used for high or mid-range devices. In that case, there is a strong possibility that the next high / mid-range devices will have the same charging technology.

      Not much is known about this GaN charger from Xiaomi at the moment but since it has got the certification, it is expected that it will be officially launched soon. Netdunia is also buzzing with speculation that GaN Chargers may hit the market with its upcoming smartphone later this month.

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