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    FAU-G game registration has already started, the first chance to play before …

    FAU-G brought big news on the day of Gurupurnima. Pre-registration for the Indian Battle Royale game started on Monday, November 30. The parent company of this game, nCore Games, tweeted the news on this day. Anyone who starts pre-registration will be the first to play this Fearless And United Guards game.

    For the past few days, the Indian FAU-G has been causing a stir among game lunatics. Of course, there are some special reasons. First of all, this gaming app was supposed to be launched at the end of November, for which the game lunatics were eagerly waiting. But that launch has been delayed. That’s why FAU-G and the company that owns this game, nCore Games, are heavily trolled on Twitter. But no response to those trolls was given by the agency. And from there, it is thought that FAU-G may launch in December. To further confirm that, on the day of Gurupurnima, nCore Games came up with the pre-registration option of FAU-G.

    Second, a couple of days ago, a fake app for FAU-G games appeared in the Google Play Store. The controversy continues to escalate and Indian gamepagals continue to show aggression through social media. All FAU-G bogus applications have been removed from the Google Play Store.

    On the day of Dussehra, FAU-G appeared in India with a teaser, and pre-registration option on Gurupurnima. That teaser showed a map of the Galvan Valley. But nCore Games has not yet announced what the content of this game will actually be. The speculation doubled. The wave of Indian game-crazy people continues to break the dam.

    Center permission still does not match! PUBG Mobile India is not launching at the moment, now the question is, how will gamers pre-register this FAU-G or Fearless And United Guards game. 

    FAU-G registrations step by step –

    Method 1: First open the FAU-G game pre-registration page from Google Play Store. Download/Pre-register link below.


    Method 2: After that the players have to click on the green button called ‘Pre-register’.

    Method 3: A dialog box will open for you here. And from there the registration of gamers will be confirmed. And then by clicking on the ‘OK’ button you will be registered to play FAU-G games.

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