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      The phone will be fully charged in 15 minutes, Xiaomi is bringing 200 watts + fast charging technology

      Xiaomi is currently one of the most powerful multinational brands in the market. Despite the brand’s popularity mainly for smartphones, the Chinese company has made quite a splash in the last few years by launching affordable wearable devices, laptops, TVs, etc. The features of almost every Xiaomi product are quite premium, but now the company is entering the field with a lot of effort in the game of spreading the illusion of technology. A few months ago, Xiaomi responded to the global market by using 120-watt fast charging technology in the Mi 10 Ultra-smartphone. The company has even won the title of top brand in bringing superfast charge technology. But the company isn’t particularly pleased with that either – according to some recent reports. In fact, Speculation has started that Xiaomi is going to work on 200-watt fast charging technology. If all goes well, Android phones with more than 200 watts of fast charging technology will hit the market next year.

      The Tipster Digital Chat Station on Weibo recently claimed that the Chinese firm is considering using 200W + fast charging technology (Xiaomi 200W fast charging) in its upcoming handsets. Smartphones with this technology may come to the market by 2021. Meanwhile, the Mi 10 Ultra-device with the latest fast charging (120 watts) support is fully charged in 23 minutes, the phone’s battery capacity is 4,500 mAh. However, the next day, the phone will be fully charged in just 15 minutes with 200 watts + fast charging technology.

      As a result, in a busy life, you don’t have to charge your cell phone for hours on end – that’s for sure! But the point to look at is how the battery backup of these phones is. Because in most cases the phone is charged quickly, but the charge ends quite quickly. Incidentally, the tipster added that Xiaomi is not launching a successor to its premium Mi Mix 3 device right now. For now, the company will be working on foldable smartphones and under-the-screen selfie cameras. Not only that, next month Xiaomi may launch a new handset with a 106-megapixel camera under the sub-brand Redmi’s ‘Note 9’ series.

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