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      The magic of the local FAU-G game! More than 1 million downloads on launch day

      Journey day record in India and built a big national game FAU-G: Fearless and Unites Guards. According to sources, more than 1 million gaming apps have been downloaded on the first day of launch. FAU-G appeared on the Google Play Store on November 30 for pre-registration. Prior to the launch, the game’s developer, NCore Games, reported that the FAU-G gaming app had been pre-registered more than 5 million times. PUBG’s alternative app was launched in India on January 26, the day of Republic Day.

      The backdrop of this game tells the story of the heroic struggle of the Indian soldiers in the Galvan Valley. For now, single player campaign mode has been given in military games. It is learned that more interesting modes like 5v5 team deathmatch will be offered in this game soon. nCore Games also announced that the FAU-G game will be launched in the App Store in 3-4 months. However, on the first day of the launch, with one million downloads from the Android platform, one thing has become clear that gamers are excited about this army. Not only that. The app has already received a 4.1 rating in the Play Store. The launch of the FAU-G game was announced just days after PUBG Mobile was banned in India in September last year. And since then, the excitement of the gamers around this local gaming platform has reached its peak. However, in the meantime, PUBG Mobile has no choice but to launch in a new way in India.

      However, before launching in the Google Play Store, nCore Games did not provide any information about Fau-G. FAU-G game named ‘Tales from Galwan Valley’ in single-player campaign mode. FAU-G will soon bring 5v5 Team Deathmatch along with several other modes. However, they will not be available for play right now. It is also said that in-mode will be enabled with the upcoming update of Fau-G. The FAU-G game also has an in-app purchase option, meaning players can also purchase weapons if they wish. FAU-G players will be able to purchase these items with money or with the help of prizes received with the game. Now let’s see when nCore Games launches the second mode of this game, which is waiting for the Battle Royale Game fans of India!

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