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      The good news is that the iPhone 12 series is available for only Rs 44,000

      If you want to buy a new Apple iPhone right now, there is a golden opportunity for you. It can be used to buy one of the latest versions of the iPhone at a much cheaper price than other times. However, in that case, instead of Apple iPhone 13, the interested person should choose Apple iPhone 12 series device. Of course, there are now attractive offers on different e-commerce websites for the purchase of different devices for the Apple iPhone 12 version. Let us know the details about this.

      Current price of Apple iPhone 12 series in Indian market

      Let me tell you at the outset that the iPhone devices in our series, such as the iPhone 13, are not available with the 128GB base variant. As a result, in this case, the upcoming version with 64 GB storage can be purchased. However, those who want to buy these devices in a larger storage option will have to spend a relatively large amount of money.

      To buy Apple’s iPhone 12 mini device from Flipkart, one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the country now, you have to spend around Rs 43,999. The 64 GB storage variant of the iPhone 12 mini device can be purchased for that price. In addition, the 128 and 256 GB storage variants of the same device will cost Rs 54,999 and Rs 64,999 respectively.

      On the other hand, the initial price of the Apple iPhone 12 device on Flipkart is Rs 51,999. It will come with 64 GB storage option. In addition to the 128 GB storage option, you have to spend Rs 64,999 to get the device in question. A 256 GB storage variant of this device is not currently available on Flipkart. As a result, those interested in buying the upcoming iPhone 12 device with the said storage option will have to resort to other e-commerce platforms.

      Note that the Apple iPhone 12 series devices use the powerful A14 Bionic chipset, which is well-known for providing the customer with a great smartphone experience. So buying a series of smartphones with a special offer instead of an Android device can be really lucrative. Moreover, the resale value of the iPhone is much higher in any case than the Android device. As a result, those who are interested can buy a new device of iPhone 12 series.

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