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      The face-to-face video calling feature has been added to the Tinder dating app

      Who doesn’t want to have a friend or partner like mind? But the normal rhythm of life is getting lost in this daily artificial routine. So many people are relying on social networking platforms and dating apps to find the people they like. One such popular medium for digital mindfulness is the Tinder dating app. Usually you can talk and chat with a lot of people from this app. But now a new feature is being added to Tinder, which allows users to video chat in this app from now on.

      The name of this new feature of Tinder is ‘Face to Face’. According to reports, the company was testing the feature in several places earlier this year. This feature has been made available to users worldwide after seeing all the responses. Whether it’s an optional or opt-in feature, i.e. video chat – depends entirely on the user’s preferences.

      In this case, users can use the ‘Face to Face’ feature when talking to other users connected to their Tinder match or profile. However, this video chatting feature is much less likely to be harassing, as users will also see the option to ignore unwanted video calls. Tinder will also provide an option to ‘report’ any other user’s biased behaviour, keeping in mind all the security and privacy of the users.

      During the rollout of the new feature, Rory Kozol, head of Tinder’s Trust and Product Security, said: However, there is no doubt that this new feature will bring a unique dimension to users online dating!

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