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      The centre is making airbags mandatory

      The centre is going to make it mandatory to put airbags on the passengers sitting in the front seat of the car soon to take another step towards driver safety. In addition to expensive model cars, the companies have to have this system in cheap cars as well. Earlier, from July 1, 2019, all new vehicles have been made mandatory to have airbags in the driver’s seat.

      The proposal was approved by a high-level committee set up to verify the technical quality of the vehicle, and the centre has published a draft guideline to amend the Automotive Industry Standard (AIS) on vehicle safety features.

      In the words of a senior official of the Ministry of Transport, “The whole world has agreed to ensure maximum safety for drivers and passengers in the event of a car accident or collision.” Therefore, we have made it clear that no compromise can be made on passenger safety regardless of the price of the car.

      The Union Ministry of Road Transport has already started work on when the new rules can be introduced. He said one year was enough to implement the new rules.

      At present, there is only an arrangement of airbags in front of the driver’s seat, but in case of an accident, there is no safety for the passenger in the driver’s seat. In that case the concerned passenger may be seriously injured and may even die. Speed ​​alerts in the car, that is, a system that notifies if the car is moving faster than a certain speed, by installing sensors to prevent collisions with a person or object while driving backwards, and by ‘beep’ sound until the seat belt is fastened after sitting on the seat. It has low cost safety features to make the passenger aware. But, the most important feature for passenger safety or having airbags in the front passenger seat has not been mandatory so far.

      In addition, it has been proposed not to have child lock system in all types of vehicles used for commercial purposes. Accordingly, the Technical Standards Committee has also requested for amendment in AIS. At present, drivers of such vehicles have to keep the child lock system inactive for the sake of passenger safety. In the words of the official, ‘We thought of giving up the child lock system without leaving it to the will of the drivers. Dealers can do that when selling cars.

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