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      The centre did not allow the meeting, the launch is remote! The future of PUBG Mobile India is still unclear!

      PUBG India Private Limited, the parent company of the game, sought permission to sit in a meeting with the Union Ministry of Information Technology to bring PUBG back to India in a new incarnation. But that permission did not given by the Indian government. 

      According to sources, the government will first decide whether the gaming platform can be launched in India at all. Sources further said that the Union Ministry of Information Technology will hold a meeting with the South Korean PUBG India Private Limited authorities after looking into the matter.

      According to InsideSport:

      One such report was published on the online sports portal InsideSport. A few days ago PUBG said, that the new incarnation will be relaunched to a new way in India. PUBG Mobile is also renamed especially for Indian users. 

      The speculation was growing since then. An independent company called PUBG India Private Limited has even opened in India with its head office in Bangalore. A few days ago, the download link of this Indian version i.e. PUBG Mobile India also appeared on the website, which doubled the fog.

      When PUBG Comeback In India

      In such a situation, there is a lot of speculation that the government has allowed PUBG to come back to India. And then a special government source told InsideSport that the government had not given any permission to resume operations in India. 

      The source claimed, “No company that has been banned in the country can run a new company”. This applies to TikTok as well as other banned apps. All of them need the permission of the Ministry of Information Technology to return to India first.

      This is where the Centre clarified the matter. That is to say, no matter what PUBG and its parent organization say, in India they have changed their name to a new incarnation. A change of name, a change of style of play, even with the distribution company Tencent Games, a Chinese company.

      As the government opened an office in Bangalore, the government did not agree to relaunch. The government’s position is clear that no banned app or gaming platform can operate in India in any way by emerging as a new entity.

      Meanwhile, InsideSport reports that Indian officials at PUBG Mobile India have repeatedly urged the government to hold a meeting. But the government has not yet given permission for that meeting. A government source “InsideSport” told, “PUBG may be allowed to sit in a meeting with the authorities, only after deciding whether the relaunching will take place in India at all”. Given the current situation, there is no possibility of launching PUBG Mobile India before January or February next year. That too depends on the decision of the government.

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