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      Supercoins can be used offline, Flipkart has launched SuperCoin Pay

      India’s popular e-commerce platform, Flipkart, has come up with a new digital payment option called SuperCoin Pay. The move is aimed at increasing the use of their own SuperCoin Rewards. In fact, if customers bought something from Flipkart or played games, the Supercoins they had been saving for so long could only be used on Flipkart. But now this SuperCoin can be used in more than 5000 retail outlets. This means that rewards received online will now be used for offline purchases as well.

      According to Flipkart, SuperCoin Pay’s services are available in multiple retail stores, including fashion, grocery stores, food and beverages. Customers will be able to pay their full bill (100%) using SuperCoin at this store. Not only that, from now on, in addition to the Flipkart website, the company has said that even if you buy products from all these retail stores, you will get rewards.

      How to use Flipkart SuperCoin

      • – Open the Flipkart app and find the SuperCoin zone in the menu
      • – Go to the store and scan the QR code.
      • – You can pay the full bill using SuperCoin, or pay using multiple payment methods including UPI, card.
      • – Show payment code at the counter when payment is completed.

      In addition, Flipkart has come up with a payment system like UPI, which allows customers to scan QR codes using the Flipkart app. This allows you to pay using SuperCoin. Users acquired more than 10 billion Supercoins last year, and the new initiative will help take the platform further, the company said. Timepoints, Peter England, Cafe Coffee Day, Flying Machine, Oyo Rooms and Zingbus are currently partnering with SuperCoin Pay and the SuperCoin Exchange Program. a

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