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      Suddenly trending ‘Uninstall Amazon’ on Social Network, did you do that too?

      Uninstall Amazon suddenly topped the trending on social media on Wednesday. Users of Social Network have become vocal in demanding the removal of the US e-commerce app from smartphones. But why this call on Twitter?

      If you type uninstalled Amazon with a hashtag on Twitter, you will see a lot of tweets and memes. And from there, the reason behind it has become very clear. In fact, as many incidents as ‘violence’. The controversy over Amazon Prime Video’s new web series has been raging for the past few days. The web series starring Saif Ali Khan has been accused of hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus. That is why the FIR is against Ali Abbas Zafar, the director of ‘Tandav’, the producer, screenwriter and head of Amazon Prime India.

      Under pressure, the manufacturer first apologizes unconditionally. And on Tuesday, the director said, the scene with so much controversy, it will be changed. Then this hashtag is trending. Because part of the netizens does not want the company to get income from Indians in the midst of so much controversy. Many also claim that no program should be viewed on this platform. However, walking in the opposite direction, he also made fun of the uninstall spelling mistake.

      This is not the end of the story; many people suggest not to shop on Amazon again. Many people are talking about relying on Indian e-commerce site Flipkart.

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