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      Shutting down Google Hangouts, chats or how to transfer information

      Last year Google shut down its own social media platform Google+. Google+ users typically use the Hangouts app to chat. The web version of Gmail also had an option to use Hangouts. However, it has recently been revealed that Google is going to close their Hangouts app by 2021. But there is no reason to worry. Hangouts chats will not be deleted, they will be transferred to a free version of Google Chat. This Google Chat is currently only available to Google Workspace users.

      The new chat app will be available in Gmail as well as in Hangouts and as a separate app. By early 2021, Hangouts information, such as conversations, contacts, and saved history, will automatically be transferred to Google Chat.

      Hangouts voice support will also be removed in 2021. Voice users could get calls to their Google Voice number using Hangouts. But from this month, Google will redirect Hangouts Voice users to the Voice app for text messaging and calls.

      According to the report, some features of Hangouts will be added to the chat, such as direct and group messaging, send to inbox, faster search, emoji reactions and reply suggestions. Google said in their blog, “Chat allows you to easily plan, share and collaborate with others with specific goals or interests, and keep everyone engaged with specific tasks.”

      Early next year, Google will remove Fi support from Hangouts and make Messi the main platform for Fi. Fi users can move their hangouts conversations to the web version of Messages. From there they can make voice calls and check voicemail. Google Fi is a mobile virtual network operator telecommunications service that enables calls, SMS and mobile broadband through cellular networks and WIFI. This service is only available in the United States.

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