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      Send Happy New Year messages to everyone together, use this feature of WhatsApp

      Only two days later, the first sun of the new year 2023 will rise. As a result, the great festival of greeting friends and relatives will begin very naturally. In this case, it is undoubtedly undeniable that WhatsApp is the main medium for this task in today’s internet-dependent life. Due to the skyrocketing popularity of this instant messaging platform, we all turn to the Meta-owned app to wish someone on any event or special day. Basically, users exchange New Year wishes with the help of calls, messages, quotes, and stickers. But the problem is, sending these messages to people is extremely annoying.

      Although WhatsApp allows one message to be sent to up to five people at a time, this facility seems to be negligible when it comes to sending greetings to a large number of people on the occasion of New Year. So to ease the difficulties of the users, in this report we are going to tell you about a feature, with the help of which one can send the upcoming New Year greetings to many people simultaneously through WhatsApp. Let’s get to know this amazing feature without further delay.

      Say ‘Happy New Year’ to a large number of people simultaneously via WhatsApp using the Broadcast feature.

      The feature we are going to tell you about in this report is the Broadcast feature, which has been available on WhatsApp for a long time but many people do not know about it. With this, it is possible to send a message to hundreds of users with a single tap. Simply put, users can send a message to many people at once with the help of this feature without creating a WhatsApp group. As a result, users can resort to this feature to send greetings not only on the occasion of the upcoming New Year, but also on Independence Day, Vijaya, Diwali or any other such festival.

      Learn how to send a message to multiple people at once on WhatsApp using the Broadcast feature

      1. First, open WhatsApp and select the three-dot menu in the top-right corner (iPhone users will see it at the bottom of the screen).

      2. Then tap on the ‘New Broadcast’ option from the menu that appears.

      3. A window will then open, where you can see all your contacts. You can select all at once; Or you will have the option to select only those to whom you want to send the message.

      4. Once the contacts are selected you will see a green check button on the screen; Tapping on it will bring up a group-like interface.

      5. Now write the message you want to send to everyone here (i.e. ‘Happy New Year’ in this case). Then tap on the send button and the message will reach everyone.

      Interestingly, with the help of Broadcast feature, you will send this ‘Happy New Year’ message to the people, but they will receive it in individual chat. That is, you have completed the task of sending greetings easily using the mentioned feature, but the recipient will not even notice it. The point is, users can use this feature at any time to send a message to many people on WhatsApp seamlessly.

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