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      Search engines may be removed from Australia, a threat from Google

      For the time being, the issue seems to be more about intellectual property rights and the use of them to make a profit. It is learned that recently Australia is going to implement a new law in front of its media. The law states that from now on, Google will have to pay for news links in Australia and for using them. And this decision of the Australian government has caused a stir in one of the world’s search engine companies. They have threatened to shut down their search engine in Australia if the proposal becomes law and takes effect!

      Not to mention how Google does business in this place. Why not, Australia and its media have raised objections to Google’s business. We all know that Google does not generate any content of its own. It brings a lot of news in one place, links to them, generates revenue through search. Google News works the same way. This part of the search engine has a lot of news from many companies in one place. When we surf it, Google actually sees the face of profit. Advertisers put money on top of this surfing business in the hands of Google.

      And this is exactly the place where Australia has objected. They have seen that Google has seen a hefty profit margin in their news sources over the years. But the media did not benefit. So, this time the law is going to come – if there is news of Australian media in Google News, the company will have to pay. Google does not agree with this proposal, so they have threatened to remove the business from Australia. They have no choice but to do so, said Mel Silva, Google Australia’s vice president.

      Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison declined to comment on Google’s statement. Australia has not responded to the threat, saying only that it wants to end all controversy. However, the attitude of the country is quite firm, it has become clear in his speech. He did not forget to say that if you want to do business in Australia, you have to abide by the laws here.

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