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      Screenshots can also be taken from Google Chrome’s incognito mode

      There is nothing new about the popularity of the Google Chrome browser. It has incognito mode for extra privacy as well as general search options. Everything we search in the browser is usually stored in the browser history. As a result, if he searches for something secret, his suggestion may come to the browser later. Also, most websites nowadays use cookies. This allows the website you are visiting to store your information. To avoid this, many users use Chrome’s incognito mode. Until now, however, screenshots could not be taken in Incognito Mode. But this time this feature is coming.

      According to a report from Android Police, Google’s developers are working on enabling screenshot feature in incognito mode. However, this requires some external intervention for the time being. Will now add a flag for Google to take screenshots in incognito mode. Screenshots can be taken by enabling this flag until Google has completely resolved this issue.

      If you are searching for something using incognito mode and you need to take a screenshot, you can easily take a screenshot by clicking on the flag. Hopefully soon Google will make it easier to take screenshots.

      It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Google has not yet commented on the matter. But hopefully in a few weeks we’ll see the flag in incognito mode.

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