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      Samsung launched Galaxy Buds Pro True Wireless Earphones with Great Sound Quality

      Samsung today launched the Galaxy S21 series flagship smartphone at the Galaxy Unpacked event, as well as a premium Truly Wireless earbud (TWS) called the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. In terms of design, it is very much inspired by Galaxy Buds + Earbuds. As for the uniqueness of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, it is equipped with multiple features including immersive sound, superior call quality, intelligent ANC (Active Noise Cancellation). It also has IPX7 water resistance, up to 20 hours of battery backup and Bluetooth 5 connectivity. The company has launched SmartTags at the event, which is priced at $29.99 (about Rs 2,200). Let’s find out the price and specification of Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro.

      Price of Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

      The premium Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro earbud is priced at 229euro /$200 (approximately Rs. 15,000). Pre-order is starting from tomorrow. It will be available in Phantom Silver, Phantom Violet, and Phantom Black colour options. It is not yet known when the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro will be available in India.

      Specifications and features of Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

      The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro has an 11mm upper and a 6.5mm twitter. Samsung says it will provide Samsung’s best audio experience with dynamic and balanced sound sharing. Significant improvement can also be noticed here in terms of call quality. The Galaxy Buds Pro will separate the user’s voice from unwanted noise with three microphones and a voice pickup unit, so that his voice can be heard as clearly as possible. The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro also has a high-signal-to-noise ratio on a microphone outside the earbud, which can further eliminate background noise. Samsung has integrated its brand-new wind shield technology in this earbud. As a result, the clarity of the phone call will be maintained even when the air flow is high while outdoors or when talking on the earbud while riding the bike.

      The Galaxy Buds Pro is claimed to come with the most intelligent Active Noise Cancellation feature among the Truly wireless earbuds. When concentrating or resting at work, it can reduce background noise by up to 99 percent to your desired level. If you want to have a conversation again, the nearest word can be amplified up to 20 decibels. That means you can adjust and personalize according to your needs.

      ANC and ambient sound will automatically work together to adapt to the surroundings to optimize the user’s audio experience. When you talk, the Galaxy Buds Pro will be able to detect it, and then it will be able to automatically switch between cancelling or amplifying the surrounding sound.

      The Galaxy Buds Pro has a new feature called Auto Switch. Let’s find out how it works. In fact, this earbud can be connected to two Samsung devices (phone / tablet) at the same time. In this case, while watching a movie on the tablet, when the call comes on the phone, the earbud will pause the movie and switch on the phone, so that you can receive the call. After talking on the phone, it will restart the movie on the tablet. The Galaxy Buds Pro, on the other hand, has 360 audios based on Dolby Head Tracking technology, similar to Apple’s Spatial Audio, and has game mode when the least latency is required.

      Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Each earbud has a 61 mAh battery. It can be used for about 8 hours on full charge. If ANC mode is on then it can be used non-stop for 5 hours. If ANC is off, it will provide 5 hours and if it is on, it will provide 4 hours talk time. The 482 mAh battery inside the earbud’s wireless charging case will provide an additional 20 hours of power reserve. With just five minutes of fast charging, you can get 1 hour of playback time. There is a USB Type C port for charging.

      The Galaxy Buds Pro comes with an IPX78 water resistance rating. Having SmartThings Find feature will not cause any fear of losing earbuds. This feature will be able to find the exact location of the Galaxy Buds Pro even if Bluetooth is out of sight or out of sight. There is Bluetooth 5.0 for connectivity. It can be connected to the device only if you have Android 8 or at least 1.5 GB RAM.

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