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    Samsung is bringing the Galaxy S21 series a month ago to capture Huawei’s market

    Almost everyone knows about the tough fight between Xiaomi and Samsung in the Indian smartphone market. Again, no one is unaware of Samsung’s competition with Apple in the world market! But this time, the South Korean tech giant wants to enter the field by putting the Chinese company Huawei on the list of rivals. In fact, Huawei is right behind Samsung in the global smartphone market at the moment. And so, to make its place, Samsung Electronics may launch its Galaxy S21 flagship smartphone a month earlier than expected.

    A few months ago, Huawei Technologies challenged Samsung to take the top spot in the smartphone market. But a few days ago, former US President Donald Trump imposed various sanctions on this Chinese company. The ban has had a significant impact on the company’s smartphone and telecom equipment manufacturing business.

    But now Samsung officials think the restrictions could be eased once Joe Biden becomes president. As a result, the possibility that Huawei may turn around again in the coming days cannot be ruled out. Now Samsung is reportedly preparing to launch its new Galaxy S21 in January next year. However, the company did not agree to comment on this.

    Meanwhile, in the second quarter of this year, Samsung shipped 59% of the Galaxy S20 series shipments to the US market, according to a new study. Apple, on the other hand, shipped 15% more iPhones (iPhone 11) than last year. Let’s see if the popularity of the Galaxy S21 can overtake the previous series and overtake Apple and Huawei.

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