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      Samsung Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51 Why really awesome smartphones? Take a look at five reasons


      Every year smartphones are getting better than before. And that is why our reliance on smartphones is increasing in our daily life. ‘ The New Normal’ – the age of the smartphone like pocket – signed at the daily life will be able to do all the work.

      At this time, Samsung is committed to bring more innovative features of smartphones to more people. And this is why the company has brought various features of the flagship series smartphones Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51. As a result, these innovative features will reach more and more people around the world.

      These two phones have huge displays, powerful chipsets and all sorts of important features. A bunch of modern features at a relatively low price are making these phones more attractive to the customers. The most recent update, Galaxy A71 and the Galaxy A51- the Galaxy S20 series features have sent Samsung.

      Great camera like flagship

      In the last few years, the camera has snatched the badge of the most used feature of the smartphone. From sharing important moments of life on social media to scanning emergency documents while working from home, all you need is a great camera. So, consumers are constantly looking for more innovative features in smartphone cameras.

      The Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51 cameras in the Samsung Galaxy A series have all the features that were previously seen only in the company’s flagship Galaxy S20 series phones. These two camera sensors will help you take great pictures. Whether it’s a picture or a video, the Samsung Galaxy A series camera can capture the brightest moments.

      Using features like Single Take and Quick Video will take your smartphone photography experience to new heights. With powerful hardware, this Galaxy A series of phones will have a great combination of powerful innovative software features. You can show the magic through the camera of Galaxy A series phone with very little exercise.

      Single Take and Quick Video will help to capture special moments firmly

      Single Take allows you to capture the best moments without missing out on your important moments. Suppose you went to a party with a loved one. I don’t understand which mode to select in the camera before taking pictures there. This time continue to enjoy the fun of the party while taking pictures using the Single Take mode. In this mode a maximum of 7 pictures and 3 videos will be recorded with proper lighting condition.

      Also, using the Quick Video mode of Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51, long press on the shutter button from any mode in the camera will start video recording. You will no longer need to go into video mode to take videos. That means you can start recording video at any time.

      The camera also uses Ultra-Wide Night Mode to get more field of view in low light. There are four cameras on the back of the two phones and there is a 5-megapixel macro camera. Bright close – up shots can be taken using this camera. Also, Galaxy A71- ‘s AR Doodle feature fun images will be used one after another.

      An all-rounder smartphone that has all the features you need to have it will be available in Galaxy A series phones. This phone’s artificial intelligence can be used to make pictures more interesting with great photography. From completing daily tasks to starring on social media, you will get all the features of Galaxy A series cameras.

      Great design

      Most phones are remembered for their good looks. Samsung has designed the Galaxy A series phones keeping in mind the younger generation. Galaxy A series phones have futuristic, slick and great design. When you go out with a Galaxy A series phone in your hand, people around you will be forced to look at you. Despite the large display, the Galaxy A series phones are specially designed for easy use with one hand.

      Huge display has been used in Samsung Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51 smartphones. The Super AMOLED Plus Infinity-O * display of this phone will give you vivid colour. This is why you can enjoy the content of your choice in a better way.

      The Infinity-O display will give you an immersive experience by watching your favourite TV shows, pictures or videos of the phone. If the display is a powerful way to increase the colour, which is all you really will feel like.


      These smartphones are actually power – houses, so I want to run these phones with more power than before. The Samsung Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51 smartphones have huge batteries that will help you finish the whole day easily. Office work, school assignments to gaming, everything needs a reliable battery. You will get this feature on Galaxy A series phones.

      Samsung Galaxy A series phones with powerful battery have fast charge support. As a result, the battery of the smartphone can be charged quickly before going out. From now on, you don’t have to keep the phone connected to the adapter for a long time to charge.


      Nowadays we use smartphones for all purposes. So, it is not possible to tolerate the smartphone being slow in any way. The Samsung Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51 smartphones have a powerful chipset at the base, which will help you in smooth and fast app performance. So, you don’t have to wait for any work to be done on the smartphone. From working on important documents to playing games on mobile, using these smartphones you can do all the daily tasks smoothly.

      With powerful hardware, this phone has powerful software, which is built on top of the latest Android edition. You can do different things using One UI without any hassle. Get immersive experience. The Galaxy A series phones have a combination of powerful hardware and powerful software to run the app of your choice with simple tasks.

      Samsung Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51 have 6 / 8GB RAM with sophisticated processor. A game can be played using the Game Booster feature of this phone.


      In today’s world, security is the most important feature we have. Samsung Knox will help protect all your personal information. Knox is responsible for the security of all Samsung Galaxy A series phones. This feature is inside the Galaxy A series phones. This multi-layer security feature will protect your phone from malware at all times.

      With Defence Grade Knox Security, payments can be made easily using Samsung Pay. This payment will work in all the places where the card can be swiped. As a result, you can use all the benefits of the Samsung Galaxy device.

      Samsung Galaxy A71 and the Galaxy A51- This includes AltZLife Support

      New Normal requires that all personal information be kept confidential. AltZLife – will keep the customer’s personal life secret. As a result, even if you hand over your smartphone to others, you don’t have to compromise with personal information.

      On-device AI with this feature will not let your device information go out. Double tap on the power button to hide the automatically selected folder at the moment.

      Fill your Samsung Galaxy A series pocket today

      Samsung Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51 ready for the future. Both phones have innovative flagship grade features. These phones are made especially for today’s smartphone users. If you’re thinking of upgrading to a smartphone, however, these two phones do not need to look anywhere else.

      * Only on Samsung Galaxy A71 smartphone. Galaxy A51 has Super AMOLED display.

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